Prepping for breakdown

"You are free to attempt to permanently end any problems you find in our systems here, but I can personally guarantee that unless you have a large amount of credits hidden in your jacket we will simply have to make fixes as they appear and build a small bulwark against complete system failures."

"Lovely. I'll start stripping down old unused systems and make some repair kits. From the looks of things we may need it."

I start walking back to the engineering station to complete my system diagnostic. Again babbling to myself, "I hope the engines haven't been jury rigged too much. I wonder how many systems are pieced together with random parts?" I get to the engineering station and sit back to finish my work. So far, I may regret listening to my friend about an easy job. "What time do we depart this rock anyways?"

Looking over the console, I realize my hands are still tingling a bit. "I wonder how exactly that jolt hit me? I need to go look over that repair."

Getting up I walk back to the engine room and begin looking things over from top to bottom to find the cause of the electrical shock that layed me out flat on the ground.

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