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Summary: Creepy mutated versions of Little Sisters

Big Sisters NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 12 and older

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Big Sisters are the new gatekeepers of Rapture: Born from Little Sisters, they don costumes much like their former protectors—the Big Daddy. However, these lithe, broken, mysterious creatures are worlds different from the hulking beasts that inspired their design, and everything from the way their armor appeared to how they cocked their head had to tell the story of their creation


Big Sisters have been observed to perform six different attacks:

Stab: A Big Sister's basic attack. When at melee range, she will jab her ADAM syringe into the player, dealing a high amount of damage.
Charge: When at a distance from the player, a Big Sister will run towards Delta at a high speed, dealing minor damage and minor knockback, as well as temporarily disorienting the player.

Fire Barrage: Occasionally, a Big Sister will fire four large, exploding fireballs in quick succession, dealing high damage.

Telekinetic Pummel: Occasionally, a Big Sister will use an advanced form of Telekinesis to lift every nearby object around them, pull them towards her and fire them at the player, with the amount of damage depending on the size of the object. If the object is large enough, it will push the player back, temporarily disorienting them.

Drain: When low on health, Big Sisters will run towards a wandering Splicer, impale them with their syringe and drain their health. This gradually regains the Big Sister's health, but causes her to be vulnerable. Attacking her while she is draining a Splicers ADAM will cause her to drop the splicer, killing her later in the process.

Teleport: Big Sisters have developed the ability of Teleportation. The energy ripple seen when they disappear is purple, and they can teleport great distances. They are only seen using this ability in a handful of scripted situations throughout the game.

Reflection: The Big Sister will create an expanding visible ring of force that will damage the player when it hits. This Reflection ring has a relatively short distance, so the player can move to avoid this attack. It can be activated when Delta uses the Electro Bolt or Winter Blast Plasmid on her, the reflection will also hit other enemies close to her; if a Big Daddy is fighting her, then the attack will cause him to fight the player if the Big Daddy is still alive after the Big Sister is defeated.

Physical Appearance

The Big Sisters are unusually tall and gangly, since they are at the stage of sprouting from youth to adulthood. Documents from There's Something in the Sea described the Big Sister as 6' 10" (2m 8 cm) tall, and having a shoe size of only 7.5. (38 EU and 5 British).
Each Big Sister wears a diving suit reminiscent of those of the Big Daddies, but with their own distinct aesthetic. These suits were designed by Alexander himself, as heard in the Big Sister audio diary. A Big Sister helmet consists of a large sphere with two portholes. Big Sisters withstand the pressure when they venture out of Rapture into the ocean, similar to Big Daddies, except that they can swim freely.
Big Sisters are formidable beings possessing agility and Plasmid powers. They wield large, wrist-mounted needles on their left arms. These are used primarily for melee attacks and extracting ADAM in a manner similar to a Little Sister's extracting needle, which allows the Big Sister to regain health in combat from Splicers. Big Sisters are the only creatures in Rapture shown to damage the exterior glass windows of the city, something that shooting bullets, grenades, a drill or any other weapon fails to do.
The Big Sisters' role is to accommodate, protect, and transport Little Sisters, and they have a cage-like basket on their backs to carry the Little Sisters. The Little Sisters appear to frequently travel with the Big Sisters, and they have taken to decorating their refuges by adorning their cage-baskets with bows and ribbons, and drawing childish doodles on the Big Sisters' oxygen tanks.

Personality and Interests

Much like Big Daddies they moan and groan a lot.


Big Sisters are post-pubescent Little Sisters who have become unstable and confrontational in Rapture's environment. They interact with, manage and protect Little Sisters. Their extreme level of powers go far beyond that of normal Plasmid users, and might be attributed to their growing bodies adapting to the ADAM created in their bodies as children. Thus, they have a much greater natural affinity for the powers that ADAM creates.

As the Little Sisters grew older in Rapture, the physical and mental conditioning forced on them had a terrifying aftermath on their bodies. Although they could no longer produce ADAM themselves, their exposure to the substance made them grow taller than most normal girls their age, and granted them incredible strength. The mental conditioning given to them by Dr. Yi Suchong, which once tricked them into seeing Rapture as a beautiful utopia, slowly drove them insane and made them highly aggressive.
One more problem with the pubescent girls was that traces of Plasmids found in the ADAM they recycled began to show in the girls' genes, allowing them to use these dangerous powers against anyone who crossed them. As more and more of the Little Sisters began to turn into these feral beasts, Gilbert Alexander decided to use new mental conditioning methods and advanced diving suits to convert the girls into a new form of protector. These 'Big Sisters' (a name chosen by the Little Sisters) would not only protect the younger ones, but also retrieve any ADAM stolen from the Rapture Family.

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