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Summary: Mechanical sentinels made to fight without mercy

Motorized Patriot NPC

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The Motorized Patriot is an automaton built in Columbia with the likeness of a major figure in American history.


The Motorized Patriot features a new heavy weapon, the Peppermill Gatling Gun, known simply as the Crank Gun in-game. Unlike the Rivet Gun wielded by Rosie Big Daddies, the Peppermill is usable by the player character, Booker DeWitt. Outside of rare environment Tears, they can only be found on a Motorized Patriot. The weapon can carry 200 rounds, and has 100 bullets in each magazine. Extra ammunition for the Peppermill cannot be obtained, so once all the rounds are spent, the gun becomes useless to the player.

Physical Appearance

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Personality and Interests

The developers simply defined the Motorized Patriot as "completely fearless" and "will keep coming". In-game, the Motorized Patriot is exactly that, choosing to relentlessly charge forward with its weapon blazing rather than attempting to take cover, stopping only to reload its gun. If attacked from up close, it will attempt to bash its assailant with its Crank Gun, throwing them back several feet. When firing, the Motorized Patriot's speed is slowed to a sluggish walk, but when it stops firing (such as when Booker is out of sight or behind cover) it picks up the pace and sprints forward with loud, metallic stomps. Despite its mass and apparent lack of grace, the Motorized Patriot can also leap over gaps and small barriers.


The Motorized Patriots were originally built to be tour guides for the city of Columbia, representing the beliefs of the Founders. With the war between factions, they were reprogrammed by different factions to be destructive foes. Wearing flags, a presidential fa├žade, and shouting propaganda, this clockwork enemy is unwavering and brutal. Ken Levine, co-founder of Irrational Games says, "Unlike most of the enemies, he's completely fearless. He doesn't have a sense of self-preservation, so he'll just keep coming at you and coming at you and coming at you." As the attacker deals damage to the Motorized Patriot, the porcelain-like rubber mask will fall off, revealing the skeleton-like metal and wooden frame behind the mask.

A Motorized Patriot inside a photo booth.
The player first encounters a Motorized Patriot in a non-combat situation in the Arcade section of Battleship Bay, and they are later fought for the first time in the Hall of Heroes, which is similar to the Hall of Presidents in Walt Disney World. Unlike other enemies encountered, the Motorized Patriots lack a self-preservation instinct, so they never seek cover under the player's fire. They tend to be slow turning, giving the player the advantage of being able to outmaneuver and outflank them. The Motorized Patriots all share the same vulnerability of the protruding gears in their backs. Despite their seemingly slow and cumbersome movement, the Motorized Patriots are well equipped to fight on or against enemies on the Sky-Lines. The Motorized Patriots' lights work much like the Big Daddies' helmets, except they only have to spot the target to become hostile. After taking some damage, the Motorized Patriots will charge and deliver a melee attack when the target is within a certain distance.

Vox Populi patriot, in the likeness of Abraham Lincoln.
The Motorized Patriot has four varieties of outfits: a cracked porcelain George Washington mask (note that the non-hostile Motorized Patriots and the first Patriot the player fights do have pristine masks) and the most common model seen throughout the game, a mask in the likeness of Benjamin Franklin found only in Finkton Docks, Finkton Proper, and the Factory, an Abraham Lincoln devil mask with a complete change of clothing used by the Vox Populi that appears from Emporia onwards, and a final form representing Zachary Hale Comstock in a Confederate-style dress uniform that is only fought in Comstock House. Friendly George Washington variants can be brought through Tears, and have green lights instead of red, and fly normal American flags in place of Columbian ones. This is the only occasion where Motorized Patriots have green lights, apart from when under the effects of Possession.

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