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Summary: Ever growing and Ever consuming.

Nepreen Swarm

Gender: No succession for this race.

Age: 3703

Group: Nations

History, and Capital City

The Nepreen were once immortal beings made of obsidian, but due to an ancient ritual, were rendered into the insectoid menace they are today. Since no record of that time exists, the only recorded event is the rise of the Empress Tah-nek, who is the last surviving member of the original race. Tomes spread across the world are the only insight to the Nepreens past, telling of great wars and plagues brought on by hier marauding nature.
As for a capital, the only stationary structure is the Empresses hive-like citadel, As-Yolar.


Nepreen can speak both verbally and telepathically (linked through a hivemind), but the verbal speech is an unknown dialect that sounds like a mix of insect like chirping and guttural Common.

Magic System

Other than he Empress, the scout caste is the only Nepreen to wield any form of magic. Though few in number, they prove thier worth with the races special withering magic.


As the race is bound by a hivemind link, Tah-nek is seen as a goddess by her spawn.

Leader and Government Type

Empress Tah-nek reigns supreme over the Nepreen, able to control them much as a queen ant does her nest.

Realm Points and Categories

Construction- 1
Commerce- 0


Area and Population

Roaming around in the thousands, the Nepreen live in a surprisingly small area, the hive citadel and what scholars predict to be a 10 mile radius around seem to be what the Nepreen consider their Homeland.
The Nepreen's true numbers are within As-Yolar, where millions of workers slave their lives in constructing ever greater chambers and caring for incubating larvae, as well as Tah-Nek's personal guards and chambermaids.

Notable Factions

The Nepreen are split into castes, starting at the workers and laborers, moving up to drones and then royal guard, all of which are found solely within As-Yolar. Outside of the hive, the Nepreen are found in roving bands starting at skirmishers, then scouts, warriors, and then Swarmlords.


The Nepreen have no currency. Though will deal with other races in return for food.

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Image of Nepreen Swarm
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