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Summary: Unite and Rise

The Raven Horde

Gender: The J'hari (High Chief) chosen through trial by combat

Age: Since the Golden Dawn (Oral history)

Group: Nations

History, and Capital City

The Ruins of Telfaron - The Horde have a great meeting place in the holy ruins of Telfaron which they consider their sacred homeland

They have an oral tradition and no written history other than the pictorial record of their triumphs in the Hall of Dreams a vast crumbling palace in the Telfaron.

The Raven horde is a collection of five tribes, with human and non-human races intermingled in each. They occupy the Hil'garath (the golden lands). It is told that in ancient days the human empires rose up to purge the land of the elder races and those that survived the purge came together in the once great city of Telfaron to form an alliance with that human kingdom. Unfortunately the effort was doomed and the alliance was smashed with the city left in ruins. The day of the great alliance is refereed to as the Golden Dawn and it is that alliance that still holds today between the five tribes.

Centuries later the remnants of those forgotten peoples make up the five tribes of the Raven Horde and in recent years they have grown once more in power and influence and now hold all of the golden lands in their grasp.


Each tribe has its own language or dialect but they all speak Telaf the common tongue and the language of the Holy City.

Despite their diversity of race they share a common culture and the spears of the Raven work as one to defend the land.

Magic System

There are five known realms of magic within the tribes of the Raven: Life, Nature, Sorcercy, Chaos and Death and each tribe specialises in one of these. See the Notable Factions section for more detail.

There is also talk of a sixth realm of Arcane power that was lost to the Horde and much of their research is occupied in uncovering its secrets as they see this as the key to domination.


The Raven Horde has a pantheon of five ancestor gods, the hero martyrs of the last stand at Telfaron and the historic leaders of the tribes. It is said that the arcane secrets for which they seek will allow them to resurrect these lost spirits to lead them once more in victory.

Leader and Government Type

The J'hari (High Chief) chosen through trial by combat

The J'hari has final say on the actions of the five tribes each of which has its own chief. Only a chief can make the challenge to become J'hari, and then only with the support of two other chiefs.

Within the tribes the word of the Uthat (chief) is law, and each tribes has certain traditions and customs unique to them.

Realm Points and Categories

Construction – 0
Commerce – 0
Magic – 1
Military – 0
Religion – 0
Technology – 0
Culture – 0

Area and Population

20,735 km²

Population: 2,200,000

Hil'garath is a land of rolling hills and valleys set against the Western Ocean. Its eastern border is vast, open and difficult to guard as they currently have no stone fortifications besides the ruins of the Holy City.

Notable Factions

The Elder Races : Drow, Goblin, Elder Fey, Gnomes (there are others but they died out or exist in the lands as rare anomalies and curiosities)

The Firebrand Tribe : Mainly half-drow with some goblin blood the Firebrand tribe meddle with the unstable forces of fire and chaos. (Nomadic)

The Tel'Dannon : A Druidic tribe of Edler Fey and Gnomes with some human blood dispersed with the Elder Fey. They harness and protect the powers of nature. (Nomadic)

The Istara : This is a tribe of pure blood Elder Fey who hold themselves aloof from the other tribes and rarely challeneg for leadership until now. One of their matriarchs has produced a mixed blood heir who rose to chief and challenged for the position of J'hari. (Occupying Telfaron)

The Bluemoth Tribe : A tribe of gnome and goblin descent with a talent for sorcery and trickery. (A wild people of the brindle wood)

The Ghull : This tribe are a mixture of human and goblin and they are obsessed with death and necromancy. (Nomadic)


Gold and silver Shill (small nuggets the size of a finger tip with runes carved in their surface)

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Image of The Raven Horde
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