A start

Tah-nek walked through the rubble of a village near the borders of her territory.
The dead had long ago been transported to the hive or eaten by the soldiers.
Only one had survived, a man of seemingly middle age. She was never sure what life span the younger races had and she didn't care. He looked up at her in silent rage, the bonds on his arms and legs keeping him on his knees.
"How kind for a lesser species such as yourself realizing it's superior."
What little contact the had with them, she cherished their pride and how easily offended they were.
"You takesuch pride in taking one village, but the Empire of Gyin will easily crush you, cricket!"
The man stared defiently at the Empress as he spat these words at her. To bad it didn't phase her at all, she saw this protest as a mere annoyance.
"Listen close little pet, you will be freed from your bonds, but only to let you tell your petty King that we are coming."
She nodded to the guards following her, using he hivemind to order he mans release and to not eat him.
Taking a moment to gain his footing, the man glared at the Empress as she turned to walk away.
Yelling in fury, he drew a dagger and charged.
Right as he came within reach of her, he yelled in agony and dropped to the ground, clutching his head. The moment you strike me, is the moment my embryo erupts in your brain. You will go to your King, you WILL pass on my message. Obey or suffer for the last moments of your insignificant life.
The man calmed down, then rose slowly, saluting Tah-nek before stumbling out of the village.
Tah-nek watched with a smug smile as the man disappeared.

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