OOC - End of Round

Hey Guys, so that is the round officially come to an end. Does anyone want to continue this round? Any threads left to tie up?

And are y0u interested in continuing the game like-format of awarding points, or are you interested in going in a more free-flowing direction like other RPs on OngoingWorlds?
I personally overestimated the time commitment the game required and what time I had to spare, which was eaten up by more important things. Which seems to always be the way with these sorts of things. But if there is genuine interest in the game continuing in the format, I can find more time to give to the game. Or, if someone else wants to step forward and take on that role, let me know too.

The second round, if you guys want a second round, won't start until Monday of next week. That will give us Let me know in the OOC comments or email me your opinions and we will decide from there.

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