A New Threat

Scrolls would be unfurled throughout all the villages in Verd'iin, unveiling the proclamation from their king. The news would be troubling...

Vendui, Verd'iin e'mellonae.

I come to you this day to announce a new threat to our land. I hesitated sending this out to all of you through scrolls and magics, but this challenge will need to be handled head on with swift action.

We have discovered a fairly new enemy. The Ferals have changed from myth to truth, and yet a new foe would seem to control them as pets and warriors and beasts of burden. These Ferrow, a name with roots alongside the Ferals, must be confronted. They have deadly forces who can outwit many of our best sentries and overpower some of our better guardsmen. And they have a leader by the name of Xagan who seems to despise that for which we stand.

You see, Verdua and Gaia are our protectors and our providers, and yet they also protect nature. There is a reason for this threat, and we are doing all we can to solve this riddle and look at all solutions. This may sound like royal parlance to you, but I hope you can trust my sincerity.

While we increase border security and sentry squad sizes and strengths, we implore you to be flexible and understanding, while at the same time showing great fortitude and pride. Pray to Verdua, pray to Gaia, and have faith in your fellow Verd'iin. We will get through this together, as one people and one kingdom.

Meneg suilaid [thousand greetings],
Aran Tei'ron

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