Flexible Cannon

“And the final revision, to 514:31. Change “Other paths shall be accepted. / Life is a stepping stone to death. / What is done before is meaningless.” to “The others have endangered us before, / They shall not hesitate to do again. / Any who place godheads before Death / Shall feel the bite of blade.”

The scribing servant had been writing for hours. The needed revisions have been collected by the missionaries, the reverends, and the Sects over the course of the past few years. The revision date should have been a couple years in the future, but current events have seen to change that. The benefits of an eternal prophet it seems. Stigund waved away the servant, which scuttled away on its multiple legs. Checking his agenda, he scribed a rune on top of the skull embedded in his throne. Smoke pours out of the mouth and then swirls around in front of him, showing a greyscale image of the diplomatic rooms, a vaulted chamber with arches made of enormous ribs. Mahvzax then coalesced from the smoke, dressed in robes of ivory and green. “Yes, lord?”

“Mahvzax, I need you to send an emissary to the lands of the Raven. Algia’s reports came back and the Cycle has spread into their lands. It has spread much faster through their lands, presumably due to more living population. Helping them get rid of their problems should build some rapport. And tell them to take notes about their practise of necromancy. That is all.” Mahvzax bows, and the smoke retreats back into the skull

The Raven had necromancers too. The Dead should be welcome there. Stigund scribed another rune into the skull, meaning four. The smoke poured out, making a scene of a forest with an Inquisitor high up in the branches. This inquisitor had less plate visible than the others, and carried a massive longbow. “What is it? I’m hunting the drakes you sent me after.”

“Change of plans. Seven will deal with them. You are needed elsewhere. You are to meet with the leaders of the Horde to the north. The Cycle has spread there. We need it to stop it’s spread there. Your talisman has a Raven soul in it, correct?”

Four sighed, and slung his bow. “Yes. How quickly should I be there?” Stigund checked his maps.

“You are close enough to be there within the week.”

“Yes, master. And tell Seven that the drakes can’t hurt him. They’re venom drakes.”

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