An Audience with the Dead

Aureus sat upon the broken throne in the hall of judgement and listened to the reports of the Bluemoth tribe. Theria bowed low before him and gave the report,

"The Firebrand tribe is broken by the strange faith that seeps into its ranks. These creatures with their 'books' infiltrate our entire eastern border and poison the minds of the people with their promises of false peace and harmony.

The Istara have closed the breach in our defences and as ordered they slay any man or woman of the firebrand who approaches without the banner of Malleus flying above their spears."

"And what of the fire mage?" Aureus asked, leaning forward in his seat.

"He puts your weapon to good use J'hari." Theria replied, "Where he marches the false light is driven back and where he strikes our fallen kin are purified in blood and flame. Those that follow him are a remnant of the firebrand but their flame burns brighter that the entire host of their former kin. This purging will deliver a force of loyal warriors under the mage who will serve the Horde well."

There came a noise from outside of the chamber and the guards called out to see what was happening. Aureus stood and walked down from his throne and came to stand next to Theria. The female gnome looked up at him with worry in her eyes. What now?

After a few moments three figures entered with a fourth walking to the rear of them. The three we known to Aureus, necromancers of the Ghull tribe. They wore the dark robes of their sect and carried the bone staves, supposedly carved from the corpse of a dragon, thought he had his doubt about that claim. The stranger amidst their ranks was the real surprise, undead? A towering figure and most certainly not one of the snarling monstrosities normally summoned by the Ghull priests. This thing moved with intent and seemed to be independent of the necromancers in thought and deed.

"My lord," one of the necromancers intoned, "We bring before you a representative of the Theocracy of Irtul, he carries word from the that lands that you may be interested to hear."

J'hari blinked in surprise, "Accept our welcome then," he said after a moment, "Emissary of Irtul, how shall we receive you and what news do you bring?"

State of the Nation Starting Statistics

Current In-Game Start Date - 2E, 151NC, Second Month
Magic : 1
Religion : 1
Ruler Status:
• Health : Good
• Heir Health : N/A
Threats to Realm:
• Stamp Out Outlaw Religion
Military Strength:
 Army strength : 145,000, tribal militias (mostly unorganised)
 Navy strength : N/A
Any troop movements and territory changes : Firebrand tribe in disarray and religious purge underway. Istara tribe moved to eastern border to secure it.
Treasury: 4,750,000 Gold Shill with a taxation rate of 10%
Diplomacy: (The Bluemoth Tribe have been sent to scout out the other nations and lands) Approached by the Theocracy of Irtul.

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