Swarmlord Hiss-Rix was a paragon of his people. Not only was he skilled in combat, he had a superb grasp on tactics and was excellent in listening to his commands. He served his Empress with more fervor than many.
His task was simple, invade and destroy a village on the edge of the Theocracy of Irtul. He had heard of the "Bone-people" before and thought little of them. Bone crushed easily under his blows and so they would again today. His swarm rallied around him as he walked towards the edge of the trees they were camped in, the village in question only a mile or so away. Surveying his forces, he led a strong group, a mix of the lower caste Skirmisher and even two Scout castes, then a few of the upper caste Warriors. A group such as this was the stable force in the Swarm, a proven success in battle.
One half hour later
Hiss-Rix strode through the burning village, skirmishers scurrying around the ruins to find more loot.
His scales rattled as he sought out the nearest contact in the Hivemind.
Report mission success. Theocracy of Irtul village is destroyed with minimal casualties.
He was about to withdraw his forces to start transport when he heard the sounds of fighting. Straggles that hadn't given in to their fate. Commendable but futile.
Die in the name of the Irtul!
The voice did not sound human, nor was it that ofthe simple bone constructs that had failed in defending the town. Entering the town square, he was able to spot the troublemaker. It stood almost as tall as he did, but was heavily armored and had no weapons, but even without them, it tore through the skirmishers with ease, chitin armor apparently useless. This made Hiss-Rix joyfull, a worthy opponent to prove the Nepreens place in this world.
Only three of the Warriors remained in the fight and they were hard pressed against the enemy, even after getting strikes in that would have crippled a lesser being. The creature fought on with fire in its eyes, its screams sounding like the tortured souls of men. As it gripped on of its attackers and began to rip it apart, the construct stopped as a thick blade drove through the center of its chest.
Completing its task with a haunting roar, the hulking body turned to see the owner of the blade. Hiss-Rix felt fear for the first time as he quickly withdrew his blade, no mortal creature could survive that. This pause allowed the monster before him to press a quick attack, throwing itself into combat.
As he deflected the creatures swings, Hiss-Rix noticed the damage done to its frame, the cracks in the bones and the missing chunks. It had seen battle and was built to last,but the Nepreen would not let that break from his objective. He dodged to late and felt his Chitin crack for the first time, looking down, he saw a gash in his chest.
Roaring with fury, Hiss-Rix began to change his stance, swinging bows at the monsters arms and head, causing a role reversal as the Bone Man tried to avoid losing its most vital parts.
After a few more bone cracking swings, it was driven to the ground, kneeling before the victorious Swarmlord. Hiss-Rix felt the victory deep in his being, this would be remembered throughout the Swarm. One of the Scouts had survived and stood close by, taking note of the events that had transpired, a few Scouts that hadn't joined the fight coming in from the surrounding ruins.
Hiss-Rix made no attempt at giving his foe last words, raising his blade in order to destroy the skull. As the sword reached its apex, the failed Inquisitor named Zero made its move, driving a fist through the Swarm Lord's carapace. As the Nepreen dropped his blade in shock, the Scout rushed forward, grabbing the arm and channeling his magic into the bone. Morphing into a brittle husk, Zero roared in agony as its vessel was compromised, breaking off its own arm in order to escape from further destruction.
As Hiss-Rix felt his ichor spilling from the wound, he struggled to connect to the Hivemind.
Comprimised missssssson, Heeeevemend triiiiiiiissssfer
As he felt the Hivemind leave his mind, he felt relief that the surviving members of his group would survive.

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