OOC - Ghart, Lord Mayor of The Great City of Omac


Name and title: Ghart, Lord Mayor of the Great City of Omac
House: House Jyan
Gender: Male
Age: Born 99NC in the Inner City of Rabance (Aged 52)
Reign: Reigned for 30 years, since 121NC
Predecessor: Holan, Lord Mayor of the Great City of Omac
Heir: Ylen, Tanist of Omac

Description: A grey and ageing man, who is short in stature and thin in build. He is clean shaven, although in the past he did sport a moustache below his hooked nose. Often is dressed in the mayoral colours of white and red, to symbolise the white towers of the Four Outer Cities and the Red Gate of Rabance that guards the river of the island.

History: The Great City of Omac, and by extension the Inner City of Rabance, has been ruled by the House Jyan for centuries. Although, to say it is a house would be misleading. Ghart's family have for decades followed a rule of one child in each generation. This is to skirt around the tanistry rules that are in place in the Great City, as only one available heir is able to be elected.

Ghart's rule has been an uneventful one, like many of his predecessors. The Great City has been as it always was: there. Trading and growing, like a beast on the island. But Ghart has plans to change it. He has been the first Lord Mayor to establish any part of the city beyond the confines of the island, building a small collection of houses along the bank of the bridge entrance that stretches across the river to the island.

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