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Summary: Quick and quiet

Emellissa Blackwillow

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Gender: Female

Age: 11

Group: Gryffindor

Grade Year

First Year

Electives (if any)

First Year

Lineage (Pureblood, Halfblood, or Muggle-born)


Physical Appearance

Short for her age Eme has long straight hair, jet black and silky smooth. Her skin is pale and her eyes are pools of inky darkness. She has a disarming smile and a dimple on her right cheek.

Personality and interests

Eme is quiet, some say too quiet. She is clever and determined, but will never be found boasting of her achievements. She has an irrational fear of owls.


Eme is the only daughter of Conrad and Millicent Blackwillow a pureblood family from the south coast of Devon. Her grandparents on her fathers side were both killed fighting on the side of the dark Lord during the battle for Hogwarts her grandparents on her mother's side are permanent residents at St Mungos.

Conrad Blackwillow works for the department of licences and pattents at the Ministry of Magic, while until recently her mother Millicent has been a full time mum, homeschooling Eme while building up an online wand replacement business.

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Image of Emellissa Blackwillow
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