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Summary: A messy, dust covered girl that burns with an inner intensity.

Thea Jarette

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Group: Slytherin

Grade Year

1st Year

Electives (if any)


Lineage (Pureblood, Halfblood, or Muggle-born)


Physical Appearance

Thea is a girl of average height for her age. She has a mess of short brown hair. Her cheek is often dusted with a slight hint of dirt. Thea has determined umber eyes. Her skin is slightly sun-darkened and she has little freckles on her arms. She always carries an elaboratly crafted malachite ring on her right index finger that looks oddly neat on her otherwise disorderly body.

Personality and interests

Thea is a strong-willed young girl who is able to maintain a high amount of energy. She is outdoorsy and adventurous, feeling very at home out in the wilderness. Thea can be very pushy and hard to please. She enjoys mocking people, especially if they challenge her. To her you must earn the right to be respected. She is competitive with others, and is always trying to improve herself and her skills. Thea often takes the initiative in many situations, and will always have something to say. She will completely reject to do anything that she sees as stereotypically feminine, refusing to wear any pink, hair clips, nail polish, etc.

Thea has an interest in gadgets, animals, the outdoors, puzzles, and adventure. Her greatest hobby is writing and analyzing poetry, though she would never admit it.


Thea was born into a muggle household.
Her father worked as a wilderness entrepreneur, selling specialized equipment for campers. For as long as she could remember, her mother had not been there.
It was more of a grey area of her life, she knew nothing and she new better than to ask. Every time she did, her father would get very quiet and distant.
All she knew of her mother was that she was a writer.
So that is how it was.
Despite this, she was a rather happy child. Her father, who was an avid outdoorsman would take her out into the wilderness with him all of the time.
By the age of seven, odd things started to happen. Whenever Thea would get extremely upset, strong winds would appear around her. Her father would always tell her that it was just just because she was a special little girl, but she could always see how his lip trembled.
He knew nothing, and was concerned for her. As she got older the more it would happen. Her father was starting to get afraid.
This is when she received her letter.

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Image of Thea Jarette
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