Lucian reflected on the teachers words, making sure not to break stride on his work. To have a rare patronus and one that reflected intelect gave him a good feeling. After all these years of ridicule for liking animals and actually being interested in learning(Although most in Ravenclaw didn't laugh at this.), he had something special about him.
His mind drifted from these thoughts to the shimmering soaring form of Luna's phoenix.
Even with his being rare, hers was by far extraordinary, though while some might feel jealousy towards one sharing the patronus of legendary figures in the Wizard world, he felt grateful for meeting her. Plus this could mean a sketch of one.
He needed to track down Mr. Flitwick sometime to ask him about this.
All of these plans were rushing into his mind, when he sadly noted that he was behind in those he had made before. He wouldn't be getting into the forbidden section any time soon, meaning he would probably have to find another way to get his research.
For now, he would need to check with his crew and see if they had any ideas.

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