The Path to Victory

September 5th, Gyffindor Common Room, late evening

Rhia flipped the coin in the air and the team looked at it as if it was moving in slow motion. After what felt like an eternity the coin landed in the middle circle of the team. They all leaned forward to which side of the coin was facing up. Then the cold reality set in as the dragon side was facing up and that meant "Yrotciv" was the choice password. Now all they had to do was put their hands in the mouth of the book and mutter the passwords together to activate the books. All the books were empty except for the Captain's book which had a list of known plays she could check to add or simply make her own plays if she desired. Any pages Piper checked off on would be copied to the team's books so they could study the plays alone. Jack patiently smiled as he waited for Piper to lead them through the process and then to victory.

The entire team was ready now. They all placed their right index finer by the books mouth. All the books awoke and bit down on every finger. Mena yelled in alarm but didn't make much noise afterwards. The guys grunted indicating that that hurt. For Piper, though, it didn't phase her that the book was actually causing her harm. Being a Chaser will do that to your fingers, it is not funny having your finger in the wrong spot when that ball is flying towards you. Each team member whispered the password to the book and, with a shudder, the books let go of everyone's finger and opened wide.

Piper's eyes widen as she flipped through her book. The page was filled with Xs and Os but these letters were moving around a Quidditch pitch that was drawn on the paper. Piper realized that these were the plays and they were being played out for her so she could see it in action, much like all the portraits in Hogwarts. Piper scooted back away from the circle and leaned up against one of the many chairs within the Common Room. She grabbed her quill and ink and started to check the plays she thought the team could achieve. After a few hours, Piper finally closed the book and nodded towards everyone.

"Alright, I finished marking all of our plays. Make sure you look over them between now and our next practice on Wednesday, September 8th. We're going to try to execute these in our next few practices. Think of these next practices as trial runs. We won't just all of these plays or we might modify them. Also, we have our stake out on Tuesday, September 7th, to see if we can catch us a werewolf. I'll let you guys more about it tomorrow."

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