Let's Make This Happen

--September 7th, Charms Classroom, Mid-afternoon--

<"Well Jianna, we are from different houses, and it is difficult for people from other houses to be friends. It just doesn't happen. And, in fact, I am not friends with you because you called me weird when we met on the train back in our first year, before we even got our houses. So, no we couldn't be friends because I am not friends with bullies Jianna." Rayna turned back to face Professor Flitwick annoyed at her now.>

It was never pleasant hearing the truth about your undesirable personality traits, but soul-searching required reality checks. Of course, Jianna hadn't set out to do any soul-searching so progress in that field would be met with resistance.

“Ouch, Rayna. A bully? Really? I guess we do tease a few students here and there, but that's not what we're all about. We help promote team unity, impeccable adherence to dress code, strict structure within recognized authority. These are all school rules or statutes, yes?” Jianna couldn't tell if these values were hitting a mark with the 5th year Ravenclaw so she brought it around to the topic all academics worried about during their 5th year.

“Some of those are a bit subjective so I get it if you don't care too much about helping others access their yet unrealized outward beauty. After all, you've never had any problems in that department like the rest of us so it wouldn't be something you've needed any help with. But now I feel bad that I've given you such a narrow image of myself. I'd like a chance to show you what it really is that I do best, what we do best. I'm organizing a study session geared specifically for us 5th years who are staring at the O.W.L.s looming over us. I think you'll be impressed by the study plans we draw up and it would be a solid step towards reaching out from one house to another.”

Jianna’s eyes were troubled and her head downcast when she mumbled, “And I don't want any student, especially you, to look at me and see such an ugly person as you described. Not when I know I'm capable of more. What do you say? We can keep the first study session short if your schedule is as full as I'm guessing it to be. You should invite a few of your housemates along if you're worried about being the only Ravenclaw. I care about getting top marks, probably more than anyone else in Slytherin house and I think we can help each other. Maybe if you see the side of me my friends have come to know then you will let us be friends as well, even if it is forbidden and across houselines.” She nudged Rayna slightly with her shoulder to emphasize the silly scandal of it all.

“I’m sorry for being such a snob to you our first trip on the Hogwarts Express. I don't actually recall saying those things to you on the train, it was so long ago, but I'll admit it sounds like me. Well the old me or the younger me. I do remember you were pretty even then. Maybe you could give me a few pointers. When it doesn’t interfere with our studies.” She held up her hands as if to ward off any misunderstandings. “Won’t you at least consider it?”

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