September 4th, Great Hall, Morning
Thea released a sigh.
She was confused on why she would sigh in the first place, but she did. A feeling of relief washed over her when she heard that Xander didn’t mind her muggle background. As much as she told herself that she wouldn’t care if he did or didn’t, for some reason it mattered to her.
Thea cleared her throat. “Well, most muggle children go into a school to learn with other students. Sort of like Hogwarts, but starting at a younger age and not as interesting” she said speaking with her hands.
“Home-schooling is when you don’t go to school with other kids and your parent teaches you at home. You learn all the same things really: Math, English, Science, Geography.”
When it came time for her to try and explain the sort of things her father sells she had to think a bit. It was odd to try and put into words something that seemed so natural and self-explanitory to her.
“He sells things that muggles need when they go out into the wilderness. They don’t have magic so they need to use specific tools in order to do essential tasks. You need special instruments to light a fire or to collect water. Even with the right supplies it can take time.”
Even after coming to Hogwarts and being near magic, it still amazed her. Saying the usual processes of a non-magical person highlighted how vast the contrast was between the two lifestyles.

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