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Summary: No mater the size of the cage the tiger will only see the bars.

Kitty/SCP 3444

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Gender: Femail

Age: 15

Group: SCPs




Kitty is a shapeshifter with the ability to turn into any animal real animals she has base knowledge of. For example most cat, bird and dog spices. She can not turn into dinosaurs or mithical animal such as unicorns of dragons.

Physical Appearance

Kitty stands about 5 feet tall she ways about 110 pounds. She doesn’t appear to be very strong, however apperences are not always what they seam. She has ice blue eyes and long red hair.

Personality and interests

Kitty is a bit wild to put it mildly. She is well known for being a bit of a hothead and her multiple escape attempts. She wants freedom most of all.


Kitty was sarendered at age 10 when her parents discovered her abilities. Sence then she has only gotten smarter and found interesting ways to exsplit the sacurty system of the SCP. Her animal like instancts makes it difficult to trick and or trap her. Should she get free witch she has. She has courses a lot of damage and harmend many people in her escape attempts.

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Image of Kitty/SCP 3444
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