N - The Woman in the Well... or Whatever it is.

For a moment, as I somehow seem to fall through the moss bed, I tense up in surprise and terror. Yet, the water feels so good that soon I am able to relax, and I gradually start to be able to slow down my breathing.

Then, a figure seems to approach me from the depths of whatever liquid that I am suspended in. As the figure gets closer, I become able to make out her features. She has straight, platinum-blonde hair and fair skin that is flawless yet looks more artificial than youthful. Calm, gray eyes that seem to hold eons of experience gaze at me.

"Easy. Easy now. What you need to do first is calm yourself, please. Breathe in, breath out. Everything is okay. You are safe."

As unusual as this situation is, her words succeed in helping me relax, and my breathing continues to slow down toward a healthier pace.

"First of all, you are confused because this is how the mind protects itself after re-awakening. ItĀ isĀ normal."

I see images of my self with this woman, my posture and my expression exuding confidence and strength. I think I have been here before, even if I can't quite remember when.

"You have been awakened many times, Embers. It's not always like this, but it's no surprise it is this time. Your last death was... unpleasant. And yes, for all practical purposes, you died. You've died many times. Fortunately, for you this is not a permanent status. The technology you are surrounded in right now is vast and complex. The mind can be stored. Bodies can be rebuilt. Life can begin again."

So I have been reincarnated with technology somehow. As discomforting as this explanation is, it does make sense with what Felix and my house were saying earlier.

"You are one of the few remaining Watchers that preside over what remains of the human race. You were once so numerous that no one ever thought you'd be an endangered species. Now you are."

I suppose that me being a "Watcher" is the reason why this amazing technological sorcery is at my fingertips, actively supporting me, and why I have Felix as a guardian.

"There are forces at work that wish to move your species from 'endangered', to 'extinct'. It is not the job, nor the will of the Peoples Summit to protect you. However we felt that you at least deserved to protect yourselves, and give you a chance at redemption."

Maybe it was these "forces" that killed me forty-seven years ago. I should probably try to learn more about these villains to avoid suffering such a fate again in the near future. Also, I'm not really sure what this "People's Summit" is, but based on the context, I suspect that they are some sort of sentient alien governing council or something.

"Humans made mistakes in their past. Long in their past. Now, what remains of the human race is scattered throughout the galaxy, living in what your ancestors would have called a medieval society, unaware of their predicament. It's your job to protect them. Or your job to bring humanity to it's end."

So my job as a "Watcher" is to protect or destroy humanity? I don't see any purpose in destroying them, as it sounds like humans are in a rough enough spot as is. Besides, what would I have to watch after I kill everyone? Even with Felix, I'm already feeling somewhat lonely.

"I am only here to assist you in what ways I'm allowed. Do you understand so far?"

I think I understand what this woman is saying, but I'm not quite sure how to respond to her. With me being in a liquid, will I drown if I try to say something? Then again, I've somehow been breathing this whole time, so...

"I think I understand," I answer. "So what do I do now? Can I get the nutrients and things I need to survive from this increadible technology around me, or do I have to hunt and gather food and collect water to stay healthy? And how do I find these people that I am supposed to protect?"

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