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S - Memory

I weep as I lie there curled in the furs. The sting of the slap is long gone, but the sting of the vision remains. My mother and father? I can still smell the fetid breath of the bear, I can still hear the sounds of its feeding. I open my mouth as if trying to scream but no sound will come out. At some point the witch woman tries to speak to me, to comfort me but I am lost in the pain of the memory.

I still clutch the stick in my left hand and I squeeze it tightly as I remember the bear scratching at the entrance in the rock. The sound of shouting outside of the tent draws my attention and I sit up. The tears finally drying on my cheeks.

I see the witch woman standing in the entrance with her back to me and beyond her the men with their spears and clubs. They are angry, they are always angry.

"Bring her out." one of the men demands.

"She is a demon." another calls out.

"She is death." says another.

"No you must not do this." the witch woman cries out, "You..."

The sound of the slap is followed by the crunch of the woman's body hitting the snow. I scramble to my feet as the man, a young hunter, approaches the entrance to the tent.

"Stay away." I scream remembering the bear as it tried to claw at the entrance to my hiding place. I see the witch woman on the floor, the body of my mother covered in blood. The man approaches... the bear had tried to reach for her with those blood soaked claws. The other men outside are shouting, urging their companion on. I hear the roar of the bear. The man reaches in for me. I remember the stick and lash out closing my eyes and screaming. As I do so I feel something shift within me.

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