The wolf continues to easily outpace you. Ambushes are set up, testing and honing your reflexes. Other senses are tested. He casts silent illusions of himself, other times he cloaks himself, he cycles through each of your senses, probing, testing for weaknesses and attacks them mercilessly.

All the while information is displayed, some of which he asks you about at a later time. He forces you to solve algorithms and study weapons schematics, some old friends, some new models you have yet to meet. Upgrades to the husk scroll through, showing force tables, G-ratings for redesigned joints, control schemes, neural interfacing, and a myriad of other details.

<Request current data person of interest Jaku.>
>>> Current Location: Earth, 40.7 N, 74.0W
>>> Past Affiliations: Undetermined, Independent Contractor, Ties to Local Governmental Bodies, Ties to Local Underground Networks
>>> Last Direct Contact:

*** A short audio clip plays out with a garbled message of which you can only understand a few words:

"Now... treason. At best... chance of big money... fuck this up."

>>> Other: Information on this individual is sparse. There is no contact information. No address analogue. No pertinent names. No pertinent dates. No pertinent files.

The pull on your psyche to link with the husk becomes more and more unbearable. You know it's only a matter of time. Eventually it begins to seep into your dreams as well.

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