W - Dreams

For the next cycles all I do is train. Train to bring my new body and mind to the peak of efficiency required for the missions I am usually assigned.
Days and nights have no meaning when the environmental controls of the vessel are mine to commands and control with the simple blink of an eye.

The Wolf tests me in more challenging ways at each turn ensuring I do not grow complacent with the level of challenges presented. Always pushing me, always to the point of taxation. Every time after a long sleep I am amazed at my reflexes, my strength, my augmented senses. Even without the Husk. My mind is sharp, incisive like a blade.
I know I can be dropped on any planet and bring a planetary government to it's knees in one night. Be it by fomenting revolution or in one orbit long orgy of violence.

I know I am often used in intelligence gatherer missions and in matters of grand strategy and intelligence tactics that are without peer, my political insight almost unparalleled. I can work any doom via the consummate command of information. To wage a far more complex war, taking the art of the stealth kill to the next level. To to learn everything possible about not only my targets but also those closest to them, then to tacitly manipulate circumstances so that the mark's deaths.

Words echo in my mind.
"The cleanest kill is one that another performs in your stead with no knowledge of your incitement."

To wage war like that is hard, especially when attached to the cyberweave. It hungers for violence, it pushes me to stalk battlefields like a blood thirsty Revenant.
It is almost its own entity at a biological and genetic level. A demon from the deepest void made flesh.

It calls to me in my dreams now. No amount of meditation or exercise can completely shut out its siren call. A call to chaos, a call of brutality, ferocity and savagery that exists in the heart of every being.
It becomes so strong that at times I want to reach inside my own brain and scratch that itch out common to all addicts. The pull is strong but I will resist as long as I can. Not because I need to or even want to. No, because the longer I hold out the bigger ecstasy rush I will experience when I finally embrace the dark Husk once again.

I bring up another query on information on the last known location of Jaku
<Request data on Earth, 40.7 N, 74.0W>

It appears to be located on the East River in an place once called New Amsterdam or New York. The riverbed long dried out since the climatic turmoils of Mankind's birthplace.
I dig up and soak, any and all information that can give me an advantage on my mission.

The Wolf howls at the artificial moon and I howl with him.

OCC: I will not be able to post much at all until the 3rd of July. Going on holidays and access to internet is going to be sporadic. Glad you back man. Bring it. :-)

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