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Summary: A cute Lightning Spirit with a lack of control on her powers.

Raika aka Lightning

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Gender: Female

Age: ?? looks 18

Group: Contracted Spirits


Member of the 3 Storms
Raika aka Lightning
Fei Len aka Wind
Ryūji aka Rain


Storm Spirit


Can Summon Lightning or Channel it through her body.

Flaws (Mandatory for Spirits)

1) Raika is careless with her lightning as she often causes destruction when even using it a little. Since her power is hard to use in small levels she has a habit of overloading toasters and streetlights. This causes a lot of problems for poor Jack.
2) Raika is also very ticklish on her belly button and if tortured in this manner to long she passes out.
3) Raika like her fellow Storms can get drunk on soda pop and drink alcohol with no issues which can be a problem for poor Jack.

Physical Appearance

See pic
Height: 5'9"

Personality and Interests

Raika is fun loving and playful. She loves to celebrate anything for any reason and can go a bit overboard at times. She knows Jack likes her and loves to cuddle by his side to earn his forgiveness when she has been bad. She will often tease him hoping to get him to strengthen their bond.


Member of the 3 Storms:
Raika aka Lightning
Fei Len aka Wind
Ryūji aka Rain
They were born at the same time and raised together as they were a team responsible for making storms in the human world when commanded by the Azure Dragon long long ago. However after the Azure Dragon vanished they became bored in the Spirit World and acted as guardians to the Shrine/Home of the Azure Dragon till Jack accidently showed up at their place.

Favourite Sayings

Oh my bad.
I'm sorry Jack!
Opps I did it again.

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Image of Raika aka Lightning
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