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Summary: She'll be on top, and nobody will stop her.

Nicole Zelmann

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Humans with Divine Spirits


American - Mark of the Black Tortoise


Nicole is a Junior in highschool and she also works part-time at a higher-end restaurant as a hostess.



Flaws (Mandatory for Spirits)

Nicole is extremely self absorbed, although she can be pretty good at pretending to care about other people.

Although she watches her weight and figure, Nicole is not at all athletic and she is far from physically fit.

Physical Appearance

Nicole has long, straight brownish black hair, and blue eyes. She is slightly taller than the average girl and is extremely slender.

Nicole usually dresses properly, although she will dress casually in appropriate circumstances. Revealing outfits are not Nicole's style.

Personality and Interests

Nicole is very intelligent and she knows it. She is determined to be extremely successful and she is not afraid to step on anybody that might get in her way. When the need arises, Nicole can be ruthlessly manipulative, but until then, she pretends to like the people that she thinks can help her get ahead and stay there.

She is also very prone to lie or blame others when she fails to perform perfectly.

She manages to remain comfortably within the popular crowd. She isn't the most popular person in the school, but she isn't an outcast either.

If we were using a D&D alignment system, she would be Lawful Evil.


Nicole was raised by a wealthy family with very conservative values. She was taught that she needed to work hard to succeed and that she needed to earn her way through life. As she grew older, she always tried her best to impress her demanding parents. When she fell short of perfection, she learned to lie and blame others for her shortcomings, and later, she learned to manipulate others into helping her do better or just make the competition look worse.

Several years ago, when she was a freshmen at Eureka Highschool, Nicole had an encounter in the Spirit Realm and was rescued by a spirit name Isiki. She made a contract with him and has since had to hide him from everyone and try to keep him out of trouble.

However, Isiki is an extremely sneaky blighter, and in return for keeping him around and making him comfortable, Nicole has employed his services to spy on her enemies and occasionally make unpleasant things happen to them.

Favourite Sayings

"Oh, I don't think you want to do that..."

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Image of Nicole Zelmann
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