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Summary: A menace to candy shops everywhere.


Gender: Male

Age: ?? Looks 14

Group: Contracted Spirits


Shadow Spirit


Isiki is a professional pain in the @ss.


Isiki is able to turn invisible, and he does so very frequently. He is also able to extend this invisibility to anything or anyone he touches, although the bigger that thing or person is, the more power he expends.

Isiki also has wings that help him jump quite far, although he isn't able to use them for sustained flight.

Flaws (Mandatory for Spirits)

Isiki isn't really able to pass off as a human, so he usually has to be invisible in order to go through public places without making a scene. Isiki is also too mischievous for his own good and has an insatiable addiction to sweets.

Physical Appearance

Isiki has gray skin, purple hair, red eyes, bat wings, and is short and scrawny.

Personality and Interests

Isiki loves to cause trouble. He likes getting attention from Nicole, and would like to get attention from others, but this always makes Nicole mad, so that is one of the few things he will refrain from doing. Instead, he mostly spies on people and will often steal their stuff when they aren't looking, or he will take something and slip it into someone else's backpack just to cause a scene.


Isiki was an unpopular spirit in the spirit world, as he was insufferable even by spirit standards. Fortunately, Nicole stumbled into the spirit realm one day, and Isiki was able to help her avoid the machinations of other opportunistic spirts who hoped to take advantage of her by turning her invisible and helping her escape.

He then managed to trick her into forming a contract with him, and he has been with her ever since.

Favourite Sayings

"Do you like my new hat? I took it off some dude, but I think it looks better on me."


"Can you buy me that lollipop?"


"Oh well, I guess I'll just have to get it the old fashioned way..."

*sigh* "Okay, fine, I'll buy you the lollipop..."

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Isiki
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