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Summary: Skater girl meets the spirit world

Jordan Parker

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Humans with Divine Spirits


American, Human, has the mark of the black dragon


Sk8 4 Lyfe
Avid Skateboarder in the summer, snowboarder in the winter.


None, unless you count an Ollie Impossible or 720 kick flip.

Flaws (Mandatory for Spirits)

Oblivious, far too trusting

Physical Appearance

Jordan is a free spirit, and dresses as such. She has long brown hair and green eyes. She often uses a sharpie marker to draw tattoos, mostly calligraphy. She has an athletic build and prefers jeans and vans to any other style.

Personality and Interests

Skateboarding, bonfires, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skimboarding if near the ocean. Pretty much anything with 'boarding' at the end. She is friendly and trusting, sometimes too trusting, but describes herself as 'chill.'


Hailing from Colorado, Jordan's parents own a small marijuana farm, which contributes to the laid back attitude she inherited. . A questionable fire lead to the destruction of her parents farm, and an increase in the sale of snacks in the area for the duration. With the stress of having to rebuild and money issues causing her parents to fight more and more, she spent most of her days at the skate park. Unfortunately many of those days were when she should have been attending school. She was consequently shipped off to live with her Gram in Eureka, and now attends the local high school.

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Image of Jordan Parker
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