This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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You have the unique privilege of living near Eureka High School, a school that should be average, but somehow manages to be a magnet for unusual people and activity. Maybe that has something to do with the Buddhist Temple nearby, where all sorts of strange things have happened.
You likely either attend the school, work there, or are related to someone that attends the school. Or maybe you are spirit looking to forge a contract with a human, or perhaps you already have such a contract with some unfortunate soul. Either way, life in Eureka is rarely unexciting, so if you like life where the mundane and the supernatural meet, then you are most welcome friend. Now just let me touch that mark of yours, and deal is official...

[Title of Game] is a slice of life game about people who try to survive everyday life at high school or elsewhere while dealing with human-like spirits that have come into the human realm. These spirits mostly live in the spirit realm, but they will occasionally come into the human realm and try to forge contracts with humans that are born with a spiritual tattoo to gain more power. Unfortunately, once a contract is formed (by the spirit making physical contact with someone's spiritual tattoo), the spirit is there to stay, and the human has to deal with all the misadventures that come with having a protective new companion that is unfamiliar with their environment.

Note that all spirits are required to have obvious personality and/or physical flaws. See the game information for more information about humans with Divine Marks and spirits. This game may contain adult content and some minors may be present on the game so please respect all the players on this game.

Humans: Normal everyday humans.


Humans with Divine Spirits: Humans born with a spiritual tattoo that is revealed in the presence of a Spirit. It can identify which Divine Spirit resides in the person. This really does not give the human any real power other than the ability to make a contract with spirits. However the contract does give the Spirit a boost in power making them triple their power, which is why they are sought after by Spirits.

Examples: Great Divine Beasts also referred to as ancient gods
Azure Dragon (blue)
Vermillion Dragon
White Tiger
Black Tiger
Vermillion Bird
Azure Bird
Black Tortoise
Green Tortoise


Spirits: Also known as lesser gods or lesser yokai that live in the spirit realm and are rarely seen by humans. Some are kind and helpful while others are malicious. In the past some were used to help greedy humans conquer the world while others helped protect parts of the world. Most of them would jump at the chance to form a contract with a Humans bearing the mark of a Divine Spirit. However by using to much power they will need to rest up before using their power again. **Note Spirits have only a third of their power in the human realm which weakens them faster.**
However to keep the balance ALL Spirits MUST have a flaw. This will help stop the power gaming and make the story entertaining.
Flaw Examples:
Near Sighted (can only see things up close clearly)
Far Sighted (can only see things far away clearly)
Snores Loudly


Contracted Spirits: They are like normal Spirits but have triple the power level due to their contract but are dependent on their human contractor for life necessities like a home, food and daily necessities since they don't have a job or money.


Other: What ever doesn't fit into the other categories.