The First Challenge

Transferring schools was always hard.
This was the second time William had ever done it, and he could feel the familiar crushing sensation in his chest, the jittery mix of excitement and fear. He felt a shiver move up his spine, and went with it, letting it pass over his entire body for a heartbeat, and when it had gone he was a little more relaxed than before. There was nothing to fear.
After all, he reminded himself, it was just school. There'd be no monsters, or maniacs, or anything like that. Just people. He could handle a few people, couldn't he?

Taking a deep breath, Will tightened the straps on his bag and started forward onto the school grounds. Around him, other students milled and chatted, and he caught a few snippets of conversation here and there: the usual "have you studied for", the "I wonder what", and the ancient "I can't believe he gave me this grade when I did this". It was all very reassuring, to be honest. It felt almost like home.
Will blinked, recalling the... "rough" days in his previous school. This one, this Eureka High (what a name, anyway... how weird does someone have to be to name a town "Eureka") seemed more than decent.
He glanced up at the entrance looming before him, noting the clean steps leading to polished doors, the undamaged and unvandalised white walls, the spotless windows. A cheerful atmosphere, really. It looked very modern.

He felt a smidge of confidence as he stepped through the doorway, heading straight into the packed corridor. The bells weren't ringing just yet.
This, Will soon realised, was very good, because he had absolutely no idea where he was going.
Sure, he'd taken a short tour of the school, but c'mon, what kind of student pays attention to anything else than the vibe on a tour like that? He flashed a glance at his phone, checking the time, and shrugged off his bag in a corner, fishing around for the timetable. He'd put it in there somewhere, he knew he had. His efforts redoubled.
Nothing. Will let out a long, resigned sigh, and closed the bag up. He'd have to find some sort of info board. The school had plenty of those around, right?

... Right?
On second thought, he already knew what class he was in, and what his first subject was today: computer studies. He'd just ask someone where to go.
... Was it computer studies or computer science? Oooooh boy.
Having no textbook yet, Will knew he couldn't check, and he didn't feel like opening the bag up again anyway. He settled on calling it "techno-voodoo" for the time being (or until someone came to the rescue in that dilemma), and began scanning the corridor for anyone who was about his age, and seemed to have their wits about them. Yes, he'd ask someone about it, and that'd be that.

A few likely candidates came and went, either in groups or in headphones, and Will remembered that asking random strangers questions had never really been his strong point. But he shook his head, put on a frown, and decided that the next one to catch his eye would be the one he'd ask, because he wasn't a damned coward and they were all just people.
As it happened, there was one walking through just then. A girl, looking about his age, brown hair and steely eyes, with an aura of confidence about her. She looked like one of those student council stereotypes; the one that was always sure and outgoing, and determined to help.
At least, that's what William hoped she was like as he began catching up to her. She was a fast walker, so it wasn't the easiest thing to do, but hell, he'd promised himself something, so there was no going back. Soon he was close enough to tap her on the shoulder and begin to say "Hey, d'you maybe know where the computer-class-thing is?"

Unfortunately, just at that moment, someone else approached his quarry. A rather tall guy stepped up, smiling, and asked the girl:
"Hey Aubrey. You okay?"

[OOC: I've decided to hold back with creating Will's spirit-contract, because it's not the type to manifest in the "real" world... yet? I'll find a way to get 'im in though, never fear]

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