Friday Morning

- Eureka High Student Parking Lot, Friday Morning -

Yesterday had actually ended up being a pretty enjoyable day, all things considered. Aubrey had been able to catch up with Jack, and his weird groupies hadn't interfered. After school, Aubrey had finished all of her homework and had been able to take two Judo classes in a row.

Yes, yesterday had been great, but today... today would be interesting. After a bout of self-pity, Aubrey had impulsively accepted Romi's invitation to her party, thinking that it would help her move past Jack. However, Aubrey was not a party girl, and she suspected she would disapprove of a lot of the behaviors she was likely to witness at this party. Furthermore, Jack apparently had noticed her attempts at reconciliation Wednesday and had opened up to her yesterday. Now that her primary reason for desiring to attend this party had been invalidated, Aubrey was not entirely sure she wanted to go. Also, she had forgotten to tell her parents about the party yesterday, and she had a feeling they wouldn't approve of her going either.

Deep in thought, Aubrey didn't notice a flustered Romi fly past her. She mechanically walked to her Algebra II class and found a seat at the front of the classroom. She, Jack, and his three groupies had taken a test on Wednesday (OOC: We're still doing the A-B schedule thing, right?), and would be receiving their tests back today. Sure enough, Mr. Bryson walked in carrying a big stack of papers and began passing them out to the students that had already arrived. When Aubrey received hers, she turned it over and saw that she had scored an 83. She had botched questions four and five, as she had suspected, and also made a stupid mistake on question thirteen. Not a terrible score, but she could have done better.

She was intently analyzing Mr. Bryson's comments on questions four and five, trying to figure out where she had gone wrong when most of the class arrived shortly before the bell rang. Aubrey spotted Jack in his usual spot surrounded by his harem and wondered how he did. Jack usually seemed to struggle with these math tests, but he appeared less anxious than usual. Maybe he had actually done alright on Wednesday's test. She decided she'd try to ask him about it after class. Hopefully, Bridget wouldn't ruin everything again as she had on Wednesday...

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