Good Times

- In Jack's Home, Early Friday Morning -

"Jordi." She introduced herself. Something was stinging her shoulder, something like a wasp, but she didn't want to make a scene trying to swat it away. By now, she was also ignoring the periodic whispering of her name. "Uh, that is Jordan. Jordan Parker. I'm Jordan. Dex was just showing me to the computer lab. I have tech first period, and all these halls look the same to me. "

"Well I'd love to stay and talk but I gotta go." Tracy said looking at their phone to check the time. Before heading off wriggling their way through people to get to the other side of the school before the bell rang.

"You look like you actually slept Jack." Dex noted. "No more zombie face. Good for you bro." he commented. "Well I'll catch up with the four of you later." he said.

"Come one Jordan, don't wanna be late your first day." he told her. "Hey if you listen close during class you might hear my playing in my class." he told her. "Just so you know have some entertainment." Dex chucked.

Jack was chuckled as Dex, Tracy and Jordan left to class after a quick introduction. Fei Len nudged him as she grabbed him by the arm.

Fei Len: Come Jack or we will be late to class.

Jack: Oh snap! We are gonna be late.

Riaka: Wouldn't be the first time right?

Ryuji: Hmmp.

The four of them hurried off to class as other students were doing the same. Eventually they got to class and sat down.

She was intently analyzing Mr. Bryson's comments on questions four and five, trying to figure out where she had gone wrong when most of the class arrived shortly before the bell rang. Aubrey spotted Jack in his usual spot surrounded by his harem and wondered how he did. Jack usually seemed to struggle with these math tests, but he appeared less anxious than usual. Maybe he had actually done alright on Wednesday's test. She decided she'd try to ask him about it after class. Hopefully, Bridget wouldn't ruin everything again as she had on Wednesday...

As Mr. Bryson was going over the test questions Jack seemed pretty content with his test scores. Because they were older and smarter Riaka, Fei Len and Ryuji got their scores in the upper 90's. They missed a question or two on purpose so they didn't stand out anymore than usual. As he felt a bit of pride he smiled and showed his paper to his three spirits who were a bit shocked and happy for him at the same time. Naturally this distracted Mr. Bryson as he stopped to say something.

Mr. Bryson: Yes yes we are all shocked and surprised to see you do this well Mr. Gomez. However if you don't want this to be a one time event I strongly urge you to listen to my lessons and whoever your tutor is. And before any of you slackers call him out for cheating I personally stood over his should and saw him correctly answer the one most of you got wrong.

Mr. Bryson: Let this be a lesson to you all. If Jack can improve his grades it means the rest of you have no excuse.

Then Mr. Bryson went back to his lecture as Jack noticed Aubrey was looking at him now and then. Once Mr. Bryson turned his back to the class Jack smiled at her and showed his paper to her to reveal his grade was a "90". It was his first "A" in math since Elementary school. Jack owed Bridget big time and he hoped cake would be enough to keep her happy.


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