The Recipe of Success

- Mr. Bryson's Classroom, Friday Morning -

Once Mr. Bryson turned his back to the class Jack smiled at her and showed his paper to her to reveal his grade was a "90". It was his first "A" in math since Elementary school.

Aubrey was, as Mr. Bryson had sardonically noted, quite shocked when she saw that Jack had scored a 90 on the test. Had Mr. Bryson not already declared otherwise, she might have suspected Jack of cheating, although Jack never had appeared that desperate to succeed before. Jack appeared quite satisfied with his grade as well if his expression was anything to go by. Aubrey was curious to see what Jack had changed that had enabled him to perform better on this test that she had. Hopefully, Jack would open up about it. Most guys liked to talk about their triumphs and things they did well, and Aubrey doubted that Jack was an exception. If she started talking about baking around him and the groupies didn't intervene, she suspected she could keep him going about baking techniques and tricks for hours.

After reviewing the test, Mr. Bryson started the next unit in the textbook. He managed to complete the lecture for Part 1 of the unit shortly before the bell rang, and he assigned the class a hefty amount of homework problems to do by Tuesday, which would be the next time the class would meet. Aubrey managed to get out of the classroom shortly before Jack and his harem did. Usually, she would have made a beeline toward her locker to grab her English textbook for her next class, but today, Aubrey decided to wait just outside the classroom so she could get the inside scoop on his miraculous feat.

Eventually, he and his groupies emerged, and Aubrey called out, "Jack!" Once he looked her way, she asked, "A 90?! How did you manage that?"

"Bridget convinced Mr. Bryson to give me a chance to retake the test, then she tutored me," Jack replied.

"Oh, Bridget, of course she did..." Aubrey muttered, her grin faltering. So Bridget really was into Jack after all. Aubrey didn't stand a chance, between the super-hot groupies and now the super-smart, big chested Bridget. "I bet she knew all the answers," Aubrey sighed.

With faked perkiness, Aubrey continued, "Well I enjoyed talking to you yesterday, and if you ever want to do something, er, you have my number. Congrats on doing so well on your test." With that, Aubrey retreated to her locker to pick up her textbook for her next class. This whole incident was a reminder to her that, even with Jack apparently starting to warm up to her, Aubrey still needed to seek friends elsewhere. Perhaps the party tonight could still be a decent opportunity after all...

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