Still Trying

Eventually, he and his groupies emerged, and Aubrey called out, "Jack!" Once he looked her way, she asked, "A 90?! How did you manage that?"

"Bridget convinced Mr. Bryson to give me a chance to retake the test, then she tutored me," Jack replied.

"Oh, Bridget, of course she did..." Aubrey muttered, her grin faltering. So Bridget really was into Jack after all. Aubrey didn't stand a chance, between the super-hot groupies and now the super-smart, big chested Bridget. "I bet she knew all the answers," Aubrey sighed.

With faked perkiness, Aubrey continued, "Well I enjoyed talking to you yesterday, and if you ever want to do something, er, you have my number. Congrats on doing so well on your test." With that, Aubrey retreated to her locker to pick up her textbook for her next class. This whole incident was a reminder to her that, even with Jack apparently starting to warm up to her, Aubrey still needed to seek friends elsewhere. Perhaps the party tonight could still be a decent opportunity after all...

Before Jack could reply Aubrey headed off. Her face change made him concerned he did something wrong again. So he decided to make sure she knew he was worried about her as he pulled out his phone and texted her.

Text to Aubrey: Thanks Aubrey. If you want to hang we usually meet at my parent's shop to do homework and eat sweets after school. I know you have a busy schedule, but I don't want you to feel left out.

Then Jack sent the text to Aubrey before Fei Len dragged him to class. Along the way they ran into Romi who turned beet red and ran quickly to her class while avoiding looking at Jack. Riaka teased her a bit as they passed each other. Jack asked Riaka to be nice but Riaka told him she asked for it. Then they passed up Koby in the hall as he was helping a teacher carry some stuff to class. After a few exchanges of "Sup" they made their way to class. After finding their chairs they got ready for class.


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