Another Day In Parawhat?

"If you don't mind walking me home it would be nice. It's getting late and I really feel creeped out walking alone when it starts to get dark." Bridget told Jack. "I would not want to impose though since it will likely start rumors. Everything I do seems to." She added, "Like three weeks ago I got a new gym shirt and it was to small I didn't hear the end of that for almost two whole weeks." She said with frustration in her voice.

Jack smirked as he saw Bridget getting worked up over what others said about her. He felt bad for her since she was a nice girl and didn't deserve being picked on.

Jack: I think I missed that day.

Raika: Yeah but you wish you didn't huh?

Jack: I refuse to acknowledge that comment on account it may or may not incriminate me.

Jack felt bad as he almost let it slip he thought of Bridget in that manner too. She was a nice girl and didn't seem to like being looked at in a lewd manner so he needed to be careful and not upset her. Of course he was completely baffled as to why she would want to hang out with a loser like himself, but he was not to proud to wave off pity friendships at this point. At this point he was getting used to being around nutty females.

Jack: Sorry Bridget. You really shouldn't stress out about public opinion so much. If you stop and think about it...……….once we graduate and move on to college, tech school, jobs or even prison for some like Cyrus who I can totally so see in an orange jumpsuit. The chances of running into our school mates are pretty low. And if you think your situation is bad you should be thankful you are not taking summer school like me.

Jack threw that quip in there to cheer her up, but he knew he was pathetic having to rely on girls to help him deal with his problems. He walked Bridget home with Raika and Ryuji behind him as they made small talk. After leaving Bridget in front of her house he and his companions headed back to the bakery shop so he could help in the kitchen since he was good at baking but his mom didn't trust him with the register since he sucked at math. Fei Len and Jack's mother worked the front counter as Jack and his dad baked and cleaned in the kitchen. After 8pm they closed up shop and Ryuji washed the dishes with her water magic as Fei Len, Jack and his parents cleaned up the store and counted the money before getting ready for the next day. Poor Jack was dead tired as he stumbled into the shower and then to bed.

Then next day Fei Len tried to wake Jack up gently but when that didn't work Ryuji dripped water on his head. When that failed to work, Raika shocked him awake. Jack of course freaked out like he did everyday as Fei Len lectured him on getting up for breakfast and school.

Jack: You know this is a really nice day today. How about we call into the office today and take the day off?

Fei Len then lectured Jack about his responsibilities and his make up math exam. She practically guilt tripped him into going to school and promised to lecture him all day if he didn't go to school today. Jack moped about as he got ready for school with the three eccentric female spirits in his life. Once they arrived at school they made their way to class and Jack tried to take a nap till Raika shocked him again. When Jack begged her to stop she told him Fei Len asked her to keep him awake. Jack knew it was going to be a long day. Seeing as he wasn't getting any sleep she decided to look over the notes Bridget gave him yesterday. As he was studying he was left alone by the three females. As he reviewed the notes he felt a bit more confident about passing the make up exam.


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