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Summary: I go by many names, darling. But you can call me JUNIPER.

JUNIPER (Frowne Leader)

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Gender: Female

Age: (Why should I tell you?)

Group: Frowne Syndicate (Criminal Collective)


UNKNOWN. Showed up one day in an empty factory warehouse and started the Frowne Syndicate. Purpose, belief, religion, orientation... very vague.

Type / Abilities (ex. Zombie / Not Die)

*No documentation is available on subject. Some rumors suggest she is a love child of a Wizard and an Esper, but her IQ and LSAT tests were below zero.*

Why are you Unemployed?

*Yaaaaaawn* I don't like work.

Why should the office Hire You? (gagreel)

I 'am' the office.
(Leader of the Frowne Syndicate)


My feet hurt
My hair doesn't look
My Twitter page keeps getting dislikes
My Intelligence is second to none, but the people who mark my exams as zero as absolutely useless

I should buy fried chicken today. Yes.

Does Your Character Wear a Seat Belt?

Of course not. It'll leave a nasty rash on my belly. I only use it under extreme circumstances, like shaving off the calories I gained from Cup Ramen.


Long and Short Term Goals

Long Term: Become a Beautician (choice drawn from a hat)

Short Term: Have children (also drawn from a hat, got shredded up and never seen again)

What do you like to see in this game?

Nothing much. I'm usually on-call to cause a little trouble every now and then. Which by the way, I haven't receive any salary from my two years of creative services. Surely I should be compensated.

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Image of JUNIPER (Frowne Leader)
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