Image of Ender

Summary: Demon of rageish


Gender: Male

Age: unknow

Group: Frowne Syndicate (Criminal Collective)


The underworld

Type / Abilities (ex. Zombie / Not Die)

Regeneration, flame and black magic, and can only die by a divine holy sword

Why are you Unemployed?

A demon how won't stop until I get what I want, to find my son

Why should the office Hire You? (gagreel)

I'll burn you if you don't


Have a weakness for my baby son, Holy items weaken me.

Does Your Character Wear a Seat Belt?

No, seat belts are for the weak

Long and Short Term Goals

Long: to find his son
Short: kill something

What do you like to see in this game?


((Moon-Eye: S'cool. Have fun [^v^]v))

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Image of Ender
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