Image of Anubis

Summary: Former Deity of Death chibi, looking for a new life


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Gender: Male

Age: Looks young, 5168+yrs

Group: Laughing Agency (Private Investigators)


Born 3150 BCE - to Present

Type / Abilities (ex. Zombie / Not Die)

Former Deity of Death 3ft tall

Anubis's Portable Home: The mini pyramid Anubis lives in is like a dog house when looking at it. On the inside its like an Egyptian palace with many rooms kind of like the Tents in Harry Potter. He turns it into a medallion for traveling.

Why are you Unemployed?

No longer worshiped and powers have dwindled.
His appearance freaks the mortals out so Walmart is a no go


Why should the office Hire You? (gagreel)

Needs a fresh start.
He likes coffee, pastries and water cooler gossip.
He is immortal.
Has great senses.
Can talk to the dead.
Can decide who sees him to avoid humans freaking out.
Can do simple magic due to limited mana.
Knows a plithera of rites, languages, spells and rituals even if he can't perform them.


Lack of worship caused him to shrink in size and now appears as a chibi version of his old self. His mana is limited now.

Does Your Character Wear a Seat Belt?

When needed to avoid accidents, but not necessary since he can't die.

((OOC: Good luck))

Long and Short Term Goals

Long: To experience every type of desert in the world, maybe start dating again.

Short: To pay his bills. He lives in a mini pyramid the size of a dog house, but the inside is huge like Doctor who's Tardis. (like an Egyptian snoopy).

What do you like to see in this game?

A tall glass of ice cold sarsaparilla.

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Image of Anubis
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