(OOC) Welcome to Laughing Agency, Endslayer! (+Note for Sairento)

Hello Endslayer! Thank you for joining Laughing Agency! This is a private detective firm made out of unnatural supernatural people and entities, trying to find a decent wage in life.

This reality is similar to ours, however there are beings like Zombies, Vampires, Mummies, Centaurs, Elves, Dwarves, etc. However, due to their natural... appearance and origins, it's difficult to find work in this poor economy.

So the Laughington Agency is their only hope... the TON is hidden under a clump of moss. Your base of operation is an abandon fire hall station, how old is it? - God Knows.

Right now, here are the situations.

Laughing Team A - (Mint Bell, Eugene Nugent, Windsor Chapel, Amber Lessard): They are currently in pursuit of a Siberian Tiger, long story short - it's a rich woman's pet. Turns out, the Siberian Tiger is a transforming Korean Magician (Wolf Mask). They are currently at the Chekhov's Shopping Centre for Never Aging Youth.

Laughing Team B - (Kanen Labe and Turca Alla Rondo) - They are at the main headquarters of the Laughington Agency. They just picked up a loose transmission of some mutant animal group preparing to strike at the Chekhov shopping center. They are currently deploying. Please note, unless you're a specialized creature you

Frowne Syndicate Team ONE - (WOLF MASK, CAT HOOD) - WOLD MASK posed as a rich government official's wife's Siberian Tiger. He is to share the intel to CAT HOOD, but are interrupted by the Laughing Team A. They are currently trying to escape being captures in the same Chekhov Mall. If you are interested in jumping into the fray, this is the post to connect to HERE

Frowne Syndicate Team TWO - (JUNIPER, Yvonne) - Yvonne Martin is a new Bungling Witch initiative to the Criminal Organization. She is currently at the factory that used to produce corsets during the British Industrial Era (long story). She is currently under going a 'Initiation' so to speak, full of flying corsets that could kill you... If you want to take the dare, then this is the post you're looking for. HERE

So brave warrior writer. Choose your destiny, see where the pages will take you? To Glory, or Ruin... Hopefully, not the latter.



((P.S. Sairento! Hang tight, I have to deal with something first and I'll provide a post as soon as possible! Sorry! [>///<]))

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