Vampires. Who knew?

Kanen scowled as he…well, for lack of a better word, snapped his fingers again. Not…snapping his fingers, like rubbing two together to make a sharp cracking sound. Well, it was similar.

There was more than one sharp crack at least. One for each finger.

Grumbling as he looked at the stiffness of his ligaments, he went back to work, pushing the rest of his lower-brain functions away so he could focus on the task at hand. So maybe he lost feeling in his left foot a while ago, and maybe he was feeling a little light headed. He wasn't going to stop now. Just a few more…

There wasn't really a terrific reason he was risking his life to stop this egg-bomb device. There were probably numerous other ways he could've tried to stop it that, while it wouldn't stop the bomb, it would certainly reduce casualties quite a bit. A few deaths as . compared to many was, objectively, better.

That said, he had the chance to make it zero, so he was taking it.

Now, as old as Kanen was, he was not an expert at bomb disposal of any kind. It's why instead of looking too deeply into finding the proper, figuratively speaking, 'wire' among the freezing magic, he was doing what amounted to absorbing anything and everything explosive. Which he could. And did. And was freezing horribly because of it. Yet as he finally recognized the fact that his left foot had indeed froze (and reconciled he'd probably need a day or two for it to thaw then reattach), he felt…nothing.

And smiled. It seemed he had drained it quite thoroughly.

It only took another second to find the 'wiring' again and rip them apart, ruining the function of the magic before he finally stumbled backwards and away, grumbling as his focus returned to the world around him. Who knew that disarming a bomb was so focus-taxing?

"Ms. Rondo, let us depart," he said, his entire body rather stiff, extremities especially.

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