Walmart's Off-the-Rack Wins

The smoke bombs certainly threw a hazy monkey wrench into things. Yvonne’s fabulous laser bubbles were rendered less and less effective until the magic fizzled all together and the food court was left in a smoky ruin. To be honest, she hadn’t expected the laser bubbles to turn out nearly as impressive as they had. In case those of you reading along at home hadn’t noticed, our bumbling witch’s magic leaned more often than not towards the mellow, nonlethal variety. She was not, however, above taking credit for her success, especially given the rarity of its occurrence. She turned around the gloat at Ender, but he’d been surprisingly quiet since her time bubble spell. He may not have been taking it very well. She decided to go check on the huge fiery fox instead. He didn’t appear to be taking things well either. Not well at all.

“Mr. Fox, can you hear me?” She knelt down beside what remained of the fox head/skull and snapped her fingers to grab his attention.

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