Cat and the kid at HQ (Redone)

Ender got up and easliy pulled Windsor off, " Stop, that's just stupid." He turned around to see the flood of lizards, "What the nine!?" He turned to Yvonne, could you do a spell to, I don't know, make the lizards go the oppsite direction!" He made a portal on the ground, this will take us to the roof of the mall, if you don't want to be crushed bya tusnima of lizards, jump in, Now!"
Meanwhile, at HQ of The Laughing Agency...
" DADDA!" Screamed the little half demon. The kid started to throw fireballs around in his cell, " I want DADDA!" Well, this child is Draken, who was renamed as Samel by the head of The laughing Agency. So this is Ender's Kid.

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