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Anubis: I don't know what your problem with breakfast Cereal is but you got serious issues man. I suggest you get some therapy after we bravely run away from you.

Anubis then grabbed Holly, whom he believed was Mint Bell, and waved his hand at his pyramid shaped dog house. The pyramid dog house then shook and quickly shrank into a medallion sized pyramid and flew to Anubis's collar to attach itself. While still holding holly's hand, he raced to One Way and opened a small portal gate. Anubis grabbed One Way and dragged the grumpy gimpy guy into the portal before they vanished from the Cereal Killer.

When they exited the portal they were only down the street and on the roof of a three story lingerie building. Using a smaller version of his bandage spell, Anubis bandaged up One Way's wound to keep him from bleeding out.

Anubis: Sorry Mrs. Bell, (looking at Holly), about that rude dude who interrupted us earlier and having to relocate so quickly. Anyhow as I was saying before I......

Sadly poor Anubis was not allowed to get a break since he was interrupted by some wannabe wizard who had an army of lizard and orc people, h@ll bent on taking over this city.

The Lizards continued their onslaught. As if fueled by every word of this wizard on the 4K Plasma TV screens, they continued their frenzy, cutting down anything that had no scales, no claws, or even an alligator jaw. Merciless, and effective.

[No. You will not be given a second chance for a thousandth time. There is no further recourse, but to sentence your pride and your stupidity to condemnation. The sins you have failed to open your eyes too, shall be your undoing. Maras Aeternum]


A loud cheer exploded from the hordes of Lizard Men, Orc Men, and other wordlyu creatures that crawled out of the dark pits and into the light. It was like the Slave Rebellioni of 1931/ The American Revolution of 1765. However way you imagine all of this… it was hard to ignore that what they were essentially doing, was conquering this city that sat in between Washinton DC and Hammelburg Germany.

Anubis: What the !@#$%^&*(censored cursing in Ancient Egyptian) What's a guy gotta do to get a break around here?

Anubis looked cute and silly as he threw a tantrum and stomped his little paws. Then they saw the horde of reptiles in the distance heading their way.

Anubis: Why me??????

Anubis rubbed his little jackal head in anguish till he saw a phosphorus truck abandoned in the street. Then as if lightning struck his mind he remembered a bit of trivia from the past. Reptilians seem to have an affinity/obsession with phosphorus, and he later found out, COINCIDENTALLY, that all a lot of dinosaur bones are found in phosphate deposits, and also, COINCIDENTALLY, Florida is called the phosphate state, and the Caribbean has quite a bit of guess what.......... Phosphates! He knew that phosphorus is an element that rebelled against the Gods, as did SULFUR. Interesting that the SULFUR QUEEN disappeared down there with a load of molten sulfur. Interesting to him that the Oklahoma city bombing was said to have been done with a PHOSPHATE bomb? Interesting as well, Coca Cola and Pepsi both have plants and use guess what....... Phosphoric acid, in their products. Anubis looked from the rooftop in hopes of finding what he was looking for and low and behold he did find a the soda plant he was looking for.

Anubis smirked as he grabbed One Way and Holly once again and opened a gate to bring them into the cab of the semi truck. Then with a simple spell he turned on the semi truck and had it take them to the soda factory. As they were heading off Anubis climbed on top of the semi trailer and opened the hatches to let the Phosphate powder fly out of the trailer. Then he quickly used a small gate to re-enter the cab of the truck. As they drove on the Phosphate powder acted like catnip for the lizard men as they chased after the semi truck leaking out Phosphate powder. The streets were consumed by the lizard men chasing after the semi truck while completely enticed by the Phosphate smell. Before they arrived at the soda factory, Anubis opened a new gate to escape with Holly and the wounded, grumpy,gimpy One Way to a different roof top of a Home Gardening store. Anubis was not tired from using to much magic and needed to rest before using magic again. They watched as the lizard men flooded from everywhere to get some Phosphate powder. It seemed to make them drunk as they ate and breathed it in.

Anubis: That should buy us some time, but we need a new plan now. Any ideas?

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