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A Hungry Beast

The beast heard the mens cries, they were close. Its stomach growled audibly, making it whine quietly. It wanted to rip them apart, to drink their thick warm blood and feast on their juicy flesh.
A bright light brought its attention away from its immense hunger, growling at the owner of the light before sprinting away at high speed. It heard another yell, then several guns firing. One bullet nearly struck its head, lodging in a well placed tree instead.
The men ran towards where they had seen the figure, still perplexed at the creatures speed and size. As they spoke, they noticed a drastic change in the temperature as a deep rolling mist bellowed from the trees. The beast could feel the panic in their bodies, the smell of sweat, the sound of their heart rates increasing. It was intoxicating, but it knew it had to have patience.
The mist coiled around the men, the light one of them carried suddenly useless in the thick cloud. Their breath showed in the air and they felt the warmth in their bones begin to drain from them, bringing more fear to the group.
"Hold on mates, ya hear that?"
"No, what are we supposed to hear?"
"There isn't a single noise, nothing at all."
Even at night, they should have heard crickets or owls, but now there was only a maddening silence.
"Wait, I hear something, sounds like a creature."
"I hear it too."
"Shut it! There it is!"
The trio of men all saw a hulking figure through the mist, slowly walking through the brush, giving them a side view silhouette.
Aiming their guns, all three fired at once, two in the chest and one in the head. The figure jerked onto its hind legs, a gurgling sound disturbing the silence.
"Shows it, that's what happens when you mess with north men!"
Congratulating each other as they approached the still form, their cheers soon became screams.
"Lewis!? I thought he was with us!!"
"Jesus Chri-" The man began to retch before his curse was complete.
Staring at the fallen corpse of their neighbor, the two failed to notice the thirds absence.
Lifting its grotesque head from its feast, the beast eyed the remaining two hunters.
A loud growl rose from its eternally hungering gut.
Will woke with a start, panicking against a weight he felt upon him.
"Sweety, sweety, I need you to calm down. It is ok, everything is ok."
Hearing a human voice, Will opened his eyes. He quickly scanned the small room he was in, a nurse standing near him, looking concerned as she rested her hands on his shoulders.
"Hi honey, can you tell me anything about yourself? Got any family we need to contact?"
The thought of his family brought a wave of panic back to him, he began shaking his head vigorously.
"Ok, I will be right back, you need anything?"
Shaking his head no, he watched the woman leave before relaxing in the hospital bed he lay in. How did he get here? Why was he HERE?
He attempted to shift, only to feel immense pain all over his body, which gave him an idea of what happened. His attention was drawn to the television that was showing the news.
Early this morning, the bodies of four hunters were found mutilated. These are in addition to a long list of victims, all of whom have died from a mystery creature. Many locals have begun to call it the Wendigo, though officials have yet to deny such a rumour.

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