What Next?

LaFey Conservatoire - Headmistress’ Office
August 23nd, 2018

Ruby sat still in her chair as she recounted Edna's story in her head. She looked at Zelda, noticing her calm demeanor, and turned to Edna, who also seemed relaxed. A part of her wanted to scream. Instead, she gripped her hands into fists in her lap and closed her eyes before letting out a heavy sigh. "So, for the past 20 years, we've known about the existence of a male Hallow, despite that being impossible, and we haven't said anything to anyone until today?"

Zelda glanced at Edna before she sat forward in her chair, letting her strand of blonde hair go. "I understand your hesitation on the matter. I also agree that the protocol used wasn't standard, but surely you can understand why it was done."

"I can appreciate the circumstances, but why didn't we say anything to the Council just now? Especially since this boy has grown into a man with powers." Ruby looked to Edna. "It's obvious your binding spell did not work."

Edna couldn't hold back a smirk. "To be fair, this isn't the first time he's had an outburst." She saw Ruby's face turn to shock. "I've visited three other times to give some advice on how to handle his frustration, strengthen the binding spell, and ease his mind."

Ruby's head felt heavy, and she thought she was going to puke. Her eyes went to Zelda. "Headmistress, I am sorry for my tone, but this is ludicrous. This entire endeavor could jeopardize the Conservatoire, Hallows everywhere, and not to mention the Supernatural world as we know it. How could you allow such a thing?"

Zelda disappeared again in her thoughts. Then, a smile spread across her lips. "His great-grandmother was a wonderful woman. She never joined the Conservatoire, but she was always there to assist as a rogue agent. There are things this administration will never know about Alder, things she's done for all of us Hallows, to protect us. She was a light in a dimming world, and her granddaughter Heather was no different. When I heard about Heather's son, I knew it was the right thing to do. Besides, it isn't as if we ever had such a circumstance come before us."

Edna placed her hand on Ruby's shoulder. "To be fair, we thought we knew what we were doing. Heather preferred Desmond stay with her so she could look over him. She didn't want him to be a burden on the Conservatoire, but she also feared we would treat him as a pariah. Having him here probably wouldn't have been best either."

Sitting back in her chair, her back no longer able to sit rigid, Ruby put all the pieces together. A part of her wondered if she should go to the Council, but she couldn't betray Zelda or Edna. The two had taken her in, made her the witch she was today. Besides, she didn't know how else to handle the situation. God knows she probably would do the same. She let out a sharp breath before sitting back up.

"So, what's the plan?" she asked of them.

"You're going with Edna to Tulsa. You're going to find Desmond, find out what's happening, and you're going to bring him back here," Zelda explained. "I think he's beyond a simple binding spell. We may need to perform a stripping ritual."

"A stripping ritual!?" Ruby said slamming her hand on Zelda's desk. "That could kill him and every witch involved."

"We're aware of the danger, Ms. Moyer," Edna said with a crisp bite in her voice.

Zelda folded her arms as she gazed across her room at the pictures along a wall. They were class pictures of all her students over the past century since she opened the Conservatoire. In them, she remained practically the same age while her girls all grew up. The earliest started out in sepia, black and white, and then to color. She remembered every girl's name.

When she was done daydreaming, Zelda looked to Ruby. "What would you suggest?"

To be fair, Ruby didn't know what to do. Her eyes shifted between Edna and Zelda as she racked her brain for any ideas. "We should put him through the placement tests. Find out how strong he really is, if he's even a threat. We need to also determine his source of powers, if they're truly apart of the Nexus. If so, we let the Council decide."

"Can you really trust the Council to be merciful?" Edna asked, but she directed the question at Zelda.

"Should they be?" Ruby interjected. "What if he's a threat? What if this is some prophecy come to fruition? The Mother Lilith herself bound the lineage to women only."

"True, but she never expected one of her children to sacrifice herself to save an innocent child," Edna said.

"He isn't innocent anymore," Ruby replied.

The two stared each other down. Ruby would typically never question or go up against someone so high up in the administration, but she was only being honest. Edna hoped that she could keep her own feelings for the child under control, but she didn't want to have to sign anyone's death warrant.

"I think we follow Ruby on this one, Ms. Winters," Zelda said, breaking the silence.

Both women moved their attention to the Headmistress.

Ruby was a bit shocked that Zelda agreed with her tactic, but she appreciated that her boss trusted her with something so critical.

Edna wasn't upset at Zelda, but she hoped they were doing the right thing. She nodded to Zelda, letting her former ward know she agreed with the assessment.

"Very well," Zelda said with an accomplished nod. "Then, get to work. You have 71 hours and counting."

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