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Summary: I'll just be over here.

Elliot Rogers

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Second Guests


Mr. Rogers
(Lucians joke that he would end up a crazy old man living alone.)



Physical Appearance

Red Hair
Hazel Eyes
Lanky figure

Personality and interests

Awkward Introverted
Likes to read and draw comics


Growing up in a small village in Ireland, Elliot was an only child that did not have many friends. Hiding from society behind his books and comic strips, he barely reacted when his parents moved to America when he was 12.
In Wamego Kansas, he found his soon to be best friend, Lucian. Sharing interests in many "geeky" things, the two became fast friends that were inseparable. After graduation however, Elliot was offered an excellent scholarship overseas, which he happily accepted, leaving Lucian behind. The two would stay in touch but their relationship was now strained.
When Lucian offered Elliot to visit him for a "guys trip" over his break, Elliot rose to occasion for old times sake.

How They Heard About The Contest

From his best friend Lucian

Who Came With Them


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Image of Elliot Rogers
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