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Summary: Anyone up for Mages and Bedrooms?

Lucian Frespit

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Winners





Physical Appearance

Short black hair
Green eyes
Well built, decently muscular
Scars on his body from adventuring outdoors

Personality and interests

Not the most outspoken person, though not quite an introvert
Loves card games and video games
Enjoys exploring outdoors, going on hikes and kayaking.
Is very loyal to friends


Born and raised in Wamego, Kansas, Lucian lived an average life. His parents were fairly strict, though always willing to compromise, leading to children that were excellent in debates. ALthough having friends, never considered any of them best friend material until the arrival of Elliot.
Becoming close friends, Lucian looked at Elliot as a brother, which made it difficult to see him leave back to Europe for college. Seeing the contest, he applied and after winning, decided it was a chance to rekindle their friendship.

How They Heard About The Contest


Who Came With Them

His best friend Elliot

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Image of Lucian Frespit
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