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Summary: As long as I can walk I'm happy.

June Subin

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Winners




South Korean

Physical Appearance

Clear Pale skin
Slim with toned stomach and arms
Brown eyes
Dark Brown Hair
Goes without makeup

Personality and interests

Trying new things
Making friends

She is rather quiet and mellow, but when she gets a rush of excitement it shows. She is often lost in thought and sometimes zones out because of this, but is a critical thinker. June has a lot of mood swings and is often wondering why her buddy sticks with her. Overall she's usually nice.


Came to the states in a foreign exchange program where she met Aitan, now her best friend. Upon returning to Korea her single mother made the decision to move to California in a few years. The few times they'd been there had a positive influence on them and is where her mother found a lover, later a husband.
Aitan and his family moved as well allowing him and June to reunite over long distance friendship. They have bought a house together, thanks to June's stepfather being a CEO. She works in a clothing boutique while doing online college, Aitan is a lifeguard. They keep close connections to their families.

Dancing was always the most important thing to her from when she was a child, but her mother pushed her into gymnastics in hopes she'd be an Olympian. It didn't end well.
Back in Korea she sustained a leg and shoulder injury during a competition that halted both her dance and gymnastics growth. Even after her surgery the doctors said it would be best if she didn't risk anything worse like permanent damage. What was already done could take years to heal correctly even with physical therapy. After that her mother took into account what her daughter really wanted.

June didn't train her body nearly as much as other gymnasts because she didn't like what she was doing nearly as much as dance. That and her mother's pressure caused her to collapse numerous times and mess up routines. In result she appears less atheletic with more shape, but the effort is still present in her arms and legs.

June wants to get back into dance more than ever but is afraid it'll be too much for her body to handle. Even now she does the smaller things, and the pain is still unpleasant. She abused her pain meds a few times.
A new start with more opportunity was another pull for moving. Hearing about this contest let her try something new as she is unable to do what she loves and bond with her friend more if that were even possible.

How They Heard About The Contest


Who Came With Them

Her friend Aitan

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Image of June Subin
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