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Summary: Don't say you're fine when something's clearly not fine.

Aitan Omiata

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Second Guests





Physical Appearance

Dark Skin
Broad Shoulders
Muscled Body
Shaved black hair
Ear piercings
Likes hats and denim

Personality and interests

The outdoors

Aitan enjoys being around people so long as they're positive. He is a very kind person and tries to be as selfless as possible. He just wants to do what's right. One of his faults is he is so focused on others that he often forgets to look at the bigger picture, or even take care of himself.
Luckily, he has June to keep him on track.


Born and raised in Awka, Aitan was always a great swimmer and athlete, playing with a lot of the kids even in his teen years. His parents were supportive of his efforts and interests but preferred if they stayed with them instead and take up the culinary arts at their family-run restaurant.

He did very well in school and was in a foreign exchange program which is where he met his match. The first thing he bonded with June about was their interest in athletics and being in the same school allowed them to share more. They kept contact even after they went back home.

After conflict in his country, Aitan's family packed up and moved to California where he helped turn what they had back home-- a restaurant --into a food truck for Nigerian-inspired food as they couldn't afford to buy another building. He eventually found June again. They grew closer and bought a house, moving into a different part of Sacramento, where both of there families settled down. He decided to become a lifeguard at their local pool and hopefully work his way up to getting the job out on the beach somewhere.
It's difficult now to tell what's friendship and what is more, but it isn't a big deal to them. As long as they are helpful and kind to one another.

How They Heard About The Contest

His friend

Who Came With Them

June Subin

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Aitan Omiata
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