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This won't be the typical "railshooter", but it won't be an open world either. Your characters are legitimately in charge of what they do. The environment is somewhat small, and there will be enough pushes and clues to keep things focused.

As the story progresses, more and more clues will be revealed as things steadily grow more and more horrifying. It's up to each character whether they get out dead or alive. You can go with the group or you can go alone. You can be brave, or you can be a coward. You can figure things out, or make really dumb decisions. There will be a series of events steadily escalating to action to thriller and horror but there will be no hand holding. It's up to you how you survive each day.

It's you vs. whatever the hell is happening here.


Character List:

Contest Guests
Winner 1: Jacob Grey
Guest 1: Brian
Winner 2: Jayson Forst
Guest 2: Lucas Hernandez
Winner 3:Lucian Frespit
Guest 3: Elliot Rogers
Winner 4: Carson Phillips
Guest 4: Rayne Lee
Winner 5: June Subon
Guest 5: Aitan Omiata

Other Guests
Guest 1: Claire Buck
Guest 2: Damien Parrish
Guest 3: Roslyn Reach
Guest 4: Alice Scott
Guest 5:
Guest 6:
Guest 7:

Driver 1: Michael Silva
Driver 2:
Grounds Management 1:
Grounds Management 2:
Grounds Management 3:
Custodian 1:
Custodian 2:
Custodian 3: