Fashionably Late

Music softly played over the radio as June drove, tapping her finger to the beat. Beside her Aitan had dozed off, head against the door for a good two hours. He really enjoyed naps. Who didn't?
The rust colored truck had gotten turned around numerous times as they had never been up this way, never mind another state. New territory. They'd wanted another hour to spare for food but that would have to wait. Hopefully the lodge had some sort of place to eat at. Her brown eyes drifted to the GPS as she monitored every twist and turn, the necklaces laced around the mirror clanked together as she pulled into the parking lot hesitantly. People were waiting. There were a lot of them.

"We are late," she slammed into a parking position waking her friend up with a jerk forward. He rubbed his eyes and repositioned his hat as he took in the surroundings. He'd gotten zero sleep last night and a rough two hours curled and cramped in a car didn't help. Maybe the mattresses wouldn't be as rocky as the mountains. Or the roads leading here. If he didn't get some sleep and a swim he was surely go mad.

"They're still here,"

June took in a breath before putting her keys in the baggy pocket of her bomber jacket and opening her door, Aitan shortly followed after some stretching. Before getting out he reached into the glove box and pulled something out.

"Hey," he tossed it to her when she turned, she caught it and slipped the beanie over her hair. The air was chillier than what they were used to back in Sacramento or even their home countries. Some of the contestants were looking at them now. One of the drivers gave a polite wave with a smile.
They took their bags from the back of the truck and follow through with loading them into the van everyone else had.

"이미이 싫어," June mumbled as they walked to join the rest, her friend, who she'd been teaching, chuckled. He'd been trying to improve her English as well, though, she could brave most of it. They'd only been here a few years.

Let's not screw this up.

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